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Lighted Dance Floor Rentals in New York

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LED Dance Floor Rental in New York

LED Lit Dance Floors

Our LED lit dance floor is worlds thinnest light up dance floor, and when it lights up it has tons of color combinations!

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Light Up Dance Floor Rental in New York

Sizes for Any Occasion

Whether you're hosting a wedding, convention, dance party, or any other event, we have a floor size to fit your venue!

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Lighted Dance Floor Rental in New York

Delivery & Setup Service

We'll deliver and set up your dance floor rental, and we'll pick it up after your event has finished!

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About our Lighted Dance Floors

Rent the best dance floor around!

Lighted Dance Floors of New York rents out the worlds thinnest light up dance floor! At only 1.25" high, it is not only bright and stylish, but it's also safe.

With sound activation and industry standard DMX controls, we can sync the lighting of the dance floor to match the rhythm of your party. With limitless color possibilities, the lighted dance floor will perfectly complement your events color scheme.

Our LED dance floor is perfect for themed parties like 70's parties, 80's parties, disco parties, or even futuristic themed events! With its endless selection of color combinations, renting a lighted dance floor is the perfect solution for your elegant wedding reception!

Even if your party doesn't have a specific theme, the LED dance floor is sure to get your guests dancing the night away, and it's great for any party, dance, or other event! Take a look at some photos of the light up dance floor below, or watch video of the LED dance floor in action!